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Following the first FIA F3 event a Silverstone Tatiana Calderon did not receive the results that she was hoping for, ending her weekend mid-pack.

During Friday practice, Tatiana Calderon and Carlin Motorsport aimed to get the car dialed in as best that they could for the crucial qualifying sessions.

Qualifying proved to be just as difficult for the 21-year old. With a large field of drivers, it was a struggle to gain an open lap. Ultimately each driver must be able to lay down a qualifying lap time within a short 4-lap period. Tatiana would qualify for Race 1 in P24, Race 2 in P23 and Race 3 in P21.

The start of Race 1 had changing track conditions, going from wet to dry. Although Tatiana started towards the back of the pack she was able to recover 4 spots. Calderon and her team chose to go out on slicks, along with the rest of the field. A narrow and dry racing line, made it difficult to pass in wet, off-line conditions. Tatiana finished Race 1 in P20.

Race 2 did not end the way that Tatiana had hoped. A fellow driver lost control and spun in front of Calderon. As she tried to get around the stalled driver, Tatiana got hit from behind and her race quickly came to a complete.

Tatiana hoped for the final race to gain as many positions as possible from her P21 starting spot. Weather conditions made the race even more difficult, with strong winds coming through during the event. Although Tatiana lost one position, she was still able to have many noteworthy battles throughout the race. Tatiana ended the final race in P22.

The first event did not go as planned for Tatiana but she plans to come back for the next race even stronger.

Tatiana Calderon:

“It’s been a tough and disappointing weekend, not the start of the season I was hoping for but that’s racing. Some days are good and some bad. I know the areas where I need to work on and will push hard to be ready to improve at Hockenheim in a couple of weeks.”

The second FIA F3 race will be held at Hockenheim 01-03 May which will coincide with the DTM series.


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