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Next April 28th will start the 2012 championship Formula 3 European Open. The Colombian pilot Tatiana Calderon started the international season with a right foot, crossing the finish line in third place in the first two races of the Winter Series Formula 3 European Open this past Saturday at the French circuit of Paul Ricard. Tatiana, who reached the third row of the race after a caution, achieved an encouraging result to face the season with her team, Emilio de Villota. “I am very happy to start with right foot this year, although one always wants more. In the first race I was able to move to third place after neutralization and then stay ahead to maintain the position, “she said.

• Tatiana could not finish the second race of the winter day because of a problem in her car. “In the second race I had an incident with the winner of the first race, my car turned off and I could not turn it back on,” she said. On April 28 will begin the 2012 European F3 Open championship, which will be disputed by the Colombian.


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