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SECOND DATE EUROPEAN F3 OPEN – Nurburgring, Germany

Tatiana Calderon lived a long day under the second event of the Formula 3 European Open to be fulfilled on the Nurburgring circuit in Germany. An incident in race one and 11th place in the second race was the outcome after disputing two competitions to 16 laps at the mythical stage last Sunday.

Tatiana says: “It was a weekend in which overall the team was not as strong as in the opening round in Portimao and where I think we didn’t show all our potential. Failure to achieve good rankings on Saturday left us in a difficult position because it is riskier in the back of the group and that’s what happened, we were out because of an incident trying to gain positions.

“Without being able to complete one lap in competition on Saturday, we knew it would be difficult to have the right set for Sunday. In the classification we were able to be among the top 10 even after a blow in the first corner; position 11 was the best we could achieve. There are still many races to go and we must continue working hard. ”

Summary Practice – Friday: The weekend started well for Tatiana with a positive initial practice session, were she ranked in third position just two tenths of a second apart of the best and less than one tenth of the moment’s championship leader, her teammate Grenhagen Mans. During the second practice, adjustments in the aerodynamic balance of Tatiana’s No. 7 did not work and this added to the fact that she failed to complete a clean lap, resulted in a 14th position in the final session of the day.

First Race – Saturday: The first classification session of the weekend was interrupted by red flags and where Tatiana was relegated to No. 17 by failing to put together a quick lap with no traffic, that when there was potential to have placed at least in the top 10, after adjustments made in the car after practice.

The race was very short, for after having kept her starting position on the first turn, an attempt to gain positions at the end of one of the fastest laps of the track, ended in contact at more than 200 km / h. This broke the front wing of her car when her rival anticipated the braking unexpectedly to the penultimate curve and the damage caused the car to go out of control, ending in the gravel after a cross through the exhaust.

Second Race – Sunday: During classification Tatiana ranked the top ten, making the ninth fastest time which then became the eighth place in the starting formation.

After a good start Tatiana looked to place well in the broad approach to the first curve but one of her rivals hit the back of her car, causing her to lose positions. From position 12, she tried to catch up, while the balance of the car didn’t allow her to advance, crossing the line in 11th place.

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