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Tatiana arrived at the notorious French circuit, Pau, with full motivation to place herself well into the large field of drivers.

Tatiana: “I am excited to be back at Pau, it is a very special and enjoyable track to drive. It is full of history and is nice to have done Macau at the end of last year and come back here with that experience. It is going to be a tough weekend because we are expecting some rain and of course this is one of the shortest tracks on the calendar so traffic will be an issue with 35 cars competing. The weekend depends fully upon qualifying so all our focus is on getting that clean lap”

Qualifying held on Friday was a bit of a challenge for Calderon especially with the wet weather conditions that plagued the first round. Unfortunately, Tatiana was unable to secure any qualifying positions that would help her during the races. She started Race 1 in P19, Race 2 in P28 and Race 3 in P26.

The two races on Saturday allowed Tatiana to gain positions further up the field. During the first race Tatiana had a great pace as she moved up to P17 from her starting position of P19. Pau is unfortunately a difficult circuit for overtaking and Tatiana was unable to gain any more positions.

Race 2 began with a massive crash, collecting 15 cars and holding up Tatiana who was behind the incident. When Calderon was finally released from the mess of cars she had lost a few positions for the restart. She finished Race 2 in P19.

The final race on Sunday was another difficult one for Tatiana. Calderon was hit from behind by the Mücke driver of Kang Ling resulting in a broken rear wing. Tatiana was unable to finish the race.

The third race can be found here on the fia f3 youtube page:

The next round of the FIA F3 series will be held at Monza on May 29th-31st.


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