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Tatiana and her team, Carlin Motorsport, were excited to get the weekend rolling at the famous German circuit in Hockenheim. Challenging weather conditions plagued the race weekend, but Tatiana walks away with solid mid-pack finishes.

A less than ideal first qualifying session was the result for Tatiana and her team. A massive 35 car field was a challenge to travel through while simultaneously managing to gain a quick lap. Two red flags were also to blame, one of which was on a hot lap for Tatiana, causing her to lose that lap completely.

The second and third qualifying sessions, held on Friday, occurred under wet and rainy conditions. Another red flag caused Tatiana to lose her fast lap. The remainder of the session led to more unfortunate events as she was blocked by one of her teammates. Tatiana will start Race 1 in P28, Race 2 in P20, and Race 3 in P21.

Race 1 would also prove to be difficult for Calderon as the rainy conditions continued throughout the race. Having a starting position of P28, near the back of the field, allowed minimal visibility for Tatiana which was a difficult obstacle to overcome. Calderon was able to attempt a few great passing maneuvers but was unfortunately hit twice in the process. The second hit resulted in Tatiana being unable to complete Race 1.

Race 2, held on Saturday, allowed Tatiana to show her talent. With track conditions finally drying up, Tatiana finished P21 after starting P20. Despite losing one position, Calderon was pleased with her results.

The last race on Sunday forced Tatiana to work under difficult track conditions one again, as it was rainy. The Colombian had amazing battles and passes throughout the majority of the race, making her way up to P11. Unfortunately a malfunction with the steering in turn 7 gave Tatiana some trouble and she lost a significant amount of positions. Tatiana and her team are still working on identifying what caused the problem. She would finish the final race in P25.

Tatiana Calderon:

“It has been a tough weekend, but I have learned a lot of things especially from the last race of the weekend. I started P21 and was running P11 with two laps to go. I am getting some confidence back which will be key for the next race at Pau in two weeks.”

The third round of the FIA F3 series will be held at Pau on May 15-17.


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