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Tatiana Calderón has a vision, a goal: She wants to reach the pinnacle of motorsports. Since her first kart race Tatiana proved to have a special talent, an ease to go fast and quickly find the limits. It didn’t take long for her to realize that racing was what she wanted to dedicate her life to and with unconditional support from her family, Tatiana embarked on a career even before finishing her school.
Discipline, hard work, dedication and determination have powered her will to succeed in a sport where she believes men and women can compete on equal terms, unlike other disciplines. Along her career Tatiana has set milestones for women in motorsports, but her real goals have always gone beyond gender. She wants to win, she wants to be first and reach the top.

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TATIANA CALDERÓN is a woman who breaks the mould. At the age of just nine, she found her passion in the world of motorsport and decided to adopt it as her lifestyle and pursue a professional career as a racing driver.

Moving from her native Colombia to Europe in order to race her way up through the single-seater ladder with the dream of reaching the pinnacle of motorsport.

"Speed is my nature!"


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