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A crazy turn of events at Monza resulted in the final two races ending early. Tatiana managed to pick up as much ground as possible, placing herself mid-pack by the end of the weekend.

Tatiana entered Friday’s qualifying motivated to put herself in a suitable position to stay competitive throughout the three events. Calderon and her team struggled to find the right set up which would maximize her qualifying times. Unfortunately, Tatiana found herself towards the back of the pack for each of the races. She started Race 1 in P29, Race 2 in P22 and Race 3 in P19.

The start of Race 1 was less than ideal for Calderon as she started from the rear of the pack, making it difficult to get a good jump off of the start. She managed to make some great passes as she moved up to the middle of the field. Tatiana had a great charge ending the race in P17.

Race 2 was much more positive for Tatiana, but the race was cut short due to too many accidents. The start of the race was hectic as Tatiana was hit from behind on lap one, pushing her into another car and requiring her to come in for a wing replacement. Once back out on track Tatiana successfully recovered positions which she had lost during the pit stop. A short race with two safety cars did not allow much time for Calderon to charge any further through the field. After a fellow driver, Lance Stroll, had a horrifying crash, landing himself in the catch fence, the race was concluded early. Tatiana finished Race 2 in P22.

The final race was nothing short of chaos once again. Starting in P19, Tatiana felt confident in the car as it was balanced perfectly. She was able to push ahead five positions early on in the race placing herself in P14. Due to a number of serious accidents which could have been prevented, the stewards made the decision to red flag the race and cancel it completely. Tatiana managed to hold P14 which is where she ended the race.

Although Tatiana was not given much of an opportunity to continue her pursuit through the field she walks away with decent finishes. The final race was where Tatiana excelled and had the 5th quickest lap time among all of the drivers.

Tatiana will take this weekend as a learning curve and push harder going into the next event which takes place at Spa-Francorchamps on June 19-21st.


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