Tatiana Calderón has a vision, a goal: She wants to reach the pinnacle of motorsports. Since her first kart race Tatiana proved to have a special talent, an ease to go fast and quickly find the limits. It didn’t take long for her to realize that racing was what she wanted to dedicate her life to and with unconditional support from her family, Tatiana embarked on a career even before finishing her school.

Discipline, hard work, dedication and determination have powered her will to succeed in a sport where she believes men and women can compete on equal terms, unlike other disciplines. Along her career Tatiana has set milestones for women in motorsports, but her real goals have always gone beyond gender. She wants to win, she wants to be first and reach the top.


Full Name:
Tatiana Calderón Noguera

Date of Birth:
March 10th 1993

Place of Birth:
Bogotá, Colombia

Lives in:
Madrid, Spain

Sports in general, a Roger Federer fan


57 kg

Favorite song:
Viva la Vida, Coldplay

Favorite dish:
Eggplant lasagna, her own recipe

Current Car:
KIA Sportage


Beyond being a racing driver Tatiana is a consummate athlete and when not at the track, her routine is based around her fitness training. Her daily schedule includes between two and four hours of physical activity aimed at allowing her to cope with the demands of driving a high-performance single-seater. Each year, as Tatiana moves up the racing ladder, driving becomes increasingly demanding on her body, requiring a continuous improvement of her condition in several areas, which usually requires more hours of work than what a male driver requires. Tatiana is a huge sports fan and enjoys running, cycling and swimming as part of her weekly exercise routine.

Tatiana’s Numbers


car races is the number she rounds out in 2014


thousand kilometers is what Tatiana travels each season


per cent of her starts have then turned into race finishes


references in media outlets appear from Tatiana every month


is the number of countries where Tatiana has raced


hours in average is the time she dedicates weekly to her fitness training.


years old was Tatiana’s age when she entered her first car race.


years have passed since her debut in karting.


years old was her age when she entered her first karting race.


national karting titles earned her a place in equal number of karting world finals.


North American karting title placed her as the first woman to earn such honor.


women only has ever stood up on a British F3 Intl class podium: Tatiana Calderón